• Carel Jansen is co-author of four Dutch textbooks on professional communication: Leren Communiceren, Professioneel CommunicererenFormulierenwijzer and Handleidingenwijzer. For one of the videos accompanying Leren Communiceren, click here
  • Together with his colleagues Leon de Stadler and Aline Douma, Carel Jansen edited Communicate as a Professional, a communication textbook in English, based on Leren communiceren. Amsterdam.
  • For the complete list of publications, click here
  • Carel Jansen is a member of the editorial board of Information Design Journal and the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication
  • From 2019 until 2020 Carel Jansen was the chair of the Dutch language society Onze Taal; he also chaired the Vrienden van Onze Taal
  • Carel Jansen was one of the initiators of a national research program on text comprehensibility. For more information (in Dutch) from the website of NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific research), click here
  • Since 2017, he has chaired the steering group of a Dutch plain language campaign called Direct Duidelijk. For his contribution to a debate in April 2021 about the use of ‘B1' as a standard for writing in plain Dutch, click here and here
  • Carel Jansen participated in the European health literacy research project IROHLA  (December 2012 until December 2015), resulting, among other things, in the Health Literacy Centre Europe portal, in the further development of which he is now involved.
  • Together with colleagues from South-Africa and the Netherlands, he was involved in EPIDASA and HACALARA, two research projects on HIV/AIDS Communication. 
  • Since 2019, Carel Jansen has chaired the project group Uitdrukkingsvaardigheid (Communication Skills), consisting of experts in the field of language and communication education in Dutch universities.
  • Carel Jansen also actively promotes and supports the so-called Boektrommel Projek (the Book Box Project) in South Africa. For more information, click here.

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